Our service deliverance under accountancy includes;

• Setting up of Financial Management systems.

• Diagnosing of existing accounting systems.

• Providing guidance and consultancy to our clients regarding appropriate book keeping policies and general compliance to national regulations, International Financial Reporting Standards and the income tax Act and

• Preparation of financial statements.


Internal Audit

In order to enhance independence and objectivity, client organizations have continuously outsourced the internal audit function to us as a trusted partner in delivering audit functions. The internal audit services we provide entail examining and evaluating the organization’s risk management processes and systems of control and to make recommendations for the achievement of company objectives. Our Internal audit and review approach involves;

•Examination and evaluation of financial and operating information within the organization

• • Review and advice on the development of key organizational systems and the implementation of major change.

• Review of compliance with external laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures

External Audit

While offering external auditing services we ensure to comply with International Standards on Auditing as we aspire for: Verification of the correctness of books of account and reliability of financial reports. We examine source documents in search for evidence to substantiate the records. Provision of advice to clients on the reliability and adequacy of internal controls.

Tax Planning

Upon request or on a retainer basis, our clients can benefit from our tax planning expertise to enable them optimise returns on their business activities and minimise their tax exposure through our tax planning and compliance advisory services. We also maintain tax records, ensure compliance with income tax laws and liaise with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of the client.

Tax Computations and Reviews

There is a need for the client to identify and exploit the tax law provisions that are of financial benefit. Disputes often arise between the client and the tax authorities regarding the right tax charge and the timing of payment of the tax and/or submission of tax returns. Tax computation services are available for clients upon request.

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